Meet Our Team

Andy King – Lead Pastor
Amy King – Operations Director

Having been married for over 18 years, Andy and Amy have 4 children and are passionate about following Jesus. Andy loves spicy food, a good book, an occasional video game, and rooting on the St. Louis Cardinals. Amy loves coffee, family game nights, and will be the last one to leave the dance floor.

Jason Hubbart – Life Group Director

Jason and Amy are originally from California and Florida but lived in Sydney, Australia for 10 years while starting a church together. They have 3 kids and love investing in people and building relationships. Jason likes Mexican food and making Amy nervous by encouraging the kids to do crazy things, and Amy enjoys binge watching Netflix, exercising (usually!), and hanging out with family.

Kathryn Lodde – Production Director

Kathryn graduated from Lee University with a degree in Intercultural Studies. She loves puzzles and practicing her Spanish over coffee. Kathryn has traveled to 18 countries and been on over 10 mission trips. Kathryn uses her passion for ministry to help with administration, specifically for our worship team and weekly services.